Hi, I'm Mike Hamer

My research interests lie in the intersection of robotics, computation, and machine learning. After completing the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Perth, Australia, I moved to ZĂĽrich to pursue these interests through a Masters and then PhD of Robotics at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich, where I have focused on the localization and coordination of robot swarms.

My research on the localization of robot swarms focuses on the application of ultra-wideband radio modules to the localization of robots swarms in semi-structured environments. My implementations of localization, control and state estimation algorithms have supported live quadrocopter shows, and have given a new degree of autonomy to the open-source Crazyflie micro-quadrocopter, to which my contributions include an improved flight controller, an extended Kalman filter, as well as numerous bug fixes and driver improvements.

My (soon to be published) research on the coordination of robot swarms focuses on the generation of collision-free trajectories for large swarms of robots operating simultaneously and in close proximity. Watch this space.

In addition to my published research, I have experience applying deep (reinforcement) learning to real-world problems (using both PyTorch and Tensorflow). I enjoy programming (Python & C, and would love to use Rust/OCaml for more than just hobby projects) and I get a kick from solving challenging problems efficiently.

I will be finishing my PhD soon and am looking for opportunities—Please get in touch!

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Select Publications

Self-Calibrating Ultra-Wideband Network Supporting Multi-Robot Localization

IEEE Access 2018

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The Flight Assembled Architecture Installation: Cooperative construction with flying machines

IEEE Control Systems 2014

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Knowledge Transfer for High-Performance Quadrocopter Maneuvers

IROS 2013

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